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These are the most common ways in which clients have worked with me. If you’d like to discuss more about your needs first so that we can confirm the best way forward, schedule an exploratory call by clicking here.

90-Minute Intensive

These 90 min sessions are a great option for those who need to quickly collaborate to tackle one specific issue. They can be booked by anyone looking for support. During this time, we will:

  • Discuss a specific situation to identify and  prioritize the most pressing issues involved;
  • Outline alternative solutions, existing resources (if any), the ideal outcome, and the impact on key stakeholders; 
  • Discuss the impact of success and failure.

Afterward, you will have a clear tactical roadmap to move forward.

People Tools & Processes Audit

We’ll conduct a full review of your HR team, tools, and resources to understand the current state of the function and inform the best way forward. This is a comprehensive, month-long project. Sample steps include:

  1. Reviewing available materials and resources;
  2. Conducting narrative interviews with key stakeholders;
  3. Meeting with any employees currently supporting HR activities and key external contacts;
  4. Preparing and presenting a summary report, including recommended HR priorities.

Interim/Fractional HR Support

Interim Support is an engagement that delivers the HR experience you need quickly, affordably and in a highly flexible manner when your organization needs knowledge and experience for a 3 to 9 month period. This is often initiated to cover for someone on leave or support an organization that is between HR leaders. The deliverables can go beyond oversight of day-to-day HR activities to include:

  • Improvement of internal processes;
  • HR leadership in key business initiatives;
  • Supporting the recruitment, onboarding and training of a new full-time HR leader.

Fractional Support is engaging senior-level strategy and expertise on a more flexible basis; “fractional” in both time and cost. This allows the organization to access higher-level impact than might otherwise be available in a full-time hire without additional cost. The ongoing nature of this design allows for the additional benefit of helping grow and develop the in-house HR team in delivering more ROI.