Step 2: Tune-up

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You don’t need what you already have — it’s that simple.

Based upon our preliminary assessment, we’ll plan to work with what you have and build from there. This might mean retraining on a perfectly good set of tools that just aren’t being understood or used fully, or automating and otherwise simplifying processes that are too time-consuming or confusing.

If there are missing pieces, I’ll help you fill in those gaps in a way that also reinforces your existing resources. Your managers might need help getting more skilled and comfortable with their role and the sometimes difficult conversations they may need to have with their employees. The culture you want to foster might require more formal and regular two-way communications, or better ways of recognizing the extra efforts made by your employees.

This tune-up will leave you with a solid platform of straightforward processes and tools that your employees and managers have been given the training and practice to use well. Which brings us to how you’ll maintain your progress….